The Religious Belief as a Factor of a Person Participation in out-Cultic Practices


  • V. V. Luybchuk Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University


belief, religious belief, believers, religious (cultic) practices, out-cultic practices


The features of participation the believers in cultic and out-cultic practices of contemporary Christian churches considered in this article. The author analyzed of the results of his qualitative research. The target group consisted of the believers with different social-demographic characteristics such as age and denomination. The relationship between participation of the individual in out-cultic practices and the ability to provide real assistance to people in need is the core hypothesis, advanced by author. The results showed that participation of respondents in out-cultic practices mainly depends on the understanding of the practical and social significance of such practices. The dominance of members of one church in sample of research does not allow considering a religious identification as a factor of participation in outcultic practices.


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