Condition of Lutsk’s Districts in Terms of its Residents

  • Olga Koretskaya Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
Keywords: problems of the city, condition of urban districts, social climate of the city, Lutsk


The analysis dealing with the  condition of the city of Lutsk as a whole and its districts in particular has been made herein according to the data of the opinion poll held in June-July 2015 (N = 622, A <_0,05). In general, the citizens residing in Lutsk are estimated its «social climate» as quite acceptable (rating 3,5 from 5,0 points) and its fundamental problems are determined as follows: the maintenance of existing and construction of new children’s playgrounds and athletic fields (10,4 %); reconditioning of roads (9,5 %); reorganization of housing and utilities sector (7,9 %), etc. A sequence of urban pressing challenges is firmly established and typical giving grounds to the author’s conclusion that the urban citizens are much more concentrated on the solutions of standard or traditional problems than to be focused on innovational or perspective issues such as the exploitation of exclusively e-Mobility within the city, recycling of waste, infrastructure development for getting around by any bike transport, organization of leisure time for people of old age, etc.).
As can be seen from the above, Lutsk is characterized as rather traditional city whose inhabitants are focused on the order and following standards.


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