The State is in the Sociological Inheritance of Stanislav Dnistryanskу


  • K. M. Oleshchuk Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University


state, nation, social development, social and moral foundation of the state


Today, the development of new ways of development of the Ukrainian state should take into account the socio-historical, national, cultural and moral core of the Ukrainian people. In the study of sociological heritage Ukrainian scientists display these problems found in Stanislaus Dnistryanskу. Analyzing scientific views on the development of the state, it was determined that the specifics of his vision state-sociological concept is focusing on psychosocial grounds of being a community, which are based primarily on high moral culture a person who determines the understanding of good and order in the community. And also have found that feature representations of the scientist is determining the position of the people to the state. Because the state established as a legal organization of the people. People assist the change of society. People and state exist in co-operation and dependence, what are base on mutual consent and benefit. People and state complement each other harmoniously.


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