Updating the Idea of Law in Support of S. Dnistrianskyi Views


  • K. M. Oleshchuk Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University




the idea of low, people, social community, state


The article deals with the issue of updating the idea of law in the country in research S. Dnistrianskyi. Formation of the idea of law in the country is seen on both sides, social and community national position regarding state. The people as a social community are the creator of its own law and determine its content. The state is considered only as an organizational shell of nation community. Selforganization of the people is the starting principle the idea of state law in S. Dnistrianskyi. Another fundamental aspect for the development of the idea of law academic interaction defines three major areas of age, social, economic and legal. Only in that its interaction they produce natural, relevant, effective law in the country. After all, only considering the foundations of social life (customs, traditions, social trends, etc.) as well as providing basic economic needs of the people, state law may have a basis in its solid wasps.


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