Peer Review Policy

1.1. Assignment of reviewers
Scientific articles submitted to the editorial office of Sociological Studios go through the institute (procedure) of reviewing. Assessment of quality of scientific articles and compliance with the requirements of journal is confidential based on double-blind peer review, which both the author(s) of article and the reviewers keep their anonymity, and only Executive Secretary and Editor-in-Chief know the identity of all parties involved, and each article is reviewed by two reviewers.
Policy of Sociological Studios is that reviewers should not be assigned to a paper if:

  • The reviewer is based at the same institution as any of the co-authors;
  • The reviewer is based at the funding body of the paper;
  • The reviewer isn’t experts in their fields;
  • The academic identity of the author(s) has not been established.

1.2. Peer review process

1. The Executive Secretary and Editor-in-Chief determine conformity of a paper with the journal's profile, requirements for execution and send it for reviewing to two experts in fields, a Doctor of Science (Doctor) or Doctor of Philosophy (Candidate of Sciences), who have a specialization close to the topic of an article.
2. The Executive Secretary informs a corresponding author about receiving of a paper within 5 working days.
3. Terms of reviewing in each case are determined by the executive secretary taking into account conditions for the quickest publication. Term of reviewing – 3 month from the date of message about receipt of the paper with Editorial Board.
4. The Review Form is established and filled out by reviewers in electronic format (not paper format). In the review there should be reflected the following:

  • Conformity of content of an article with its topic;
  • Conformity of an article with modern scientific and theoretical principles;
  • Simplicity of language and style understanding, clearness of tables and pictures to readers;
  • Positive sides and disadvantages of an article; which corrections should be made by an author;
  • Recommendation of the possibility of publication of an article: «Requires Minor Corrections», «Requires Moderate Revision», «Requires Major Revision», «Submit to another publication», «Reject».

5. Recommendations of «Requires Minor Corrections» and «Requires Moderate Revision» mean that the author should finalize text of an article within 3-5 working days and 5-14 respectively. Recommendation of «Requires Major Revision» – up to 3 months and can be recommended for publication in the next number of the journal. Recommendations of «Submit to another publication» and «Reject» with the substantiated explanation of refusal send to an author. Articles which is not recommended for publication in journal Sociological Studious is not accepted for the second review.
6. Final decision on suitability of an article publication is made by the Editorial Board.
7. After taking a decision by the Editorial Board on admission of an article to publication, the Executive Secretary informs an author about this and indicates the terms of publication.