The Application of Pearson’s Criterion for Determination of Structure of Tests

  • Svitlana Salnikova Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
Keywords: Pearson criterion, chi-square, the validity, statistical independency, tests


The emergence of international projects and the availability of powerful statistical packages for data analysis contributed to displacement of attention of scientists from development and expanding the scope of application of mathematical methods to their applicability in comparative projects and ways of realization in computer programs. The author shows the application of Pearson criterion, exactly - the procedure of construction of the two dimensional table for two indicators with the lack of statistical relationship between them, for determination of quantitative parameters of structure of tests as the first step in ensuring their validity. The structure of the tests is determined according to state standards of higher education in Ukraine and is focused on the computer test. Procedures for calculating the quantitative parameters of structure of tests are presented in table format and can be used by developer of tests as a sample. There is some limitation of the proposed procedure; this is the calculation of quantitative parameters for over 100 tests for one an academic subject or its parts.


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