for Authors

Instruction for Authors

The scientific journal of Sociological Studios accepts original papers on a regular basis, which have never been published before or are submitted/under consideration in another means of publication, according to Submissions. The journal uses a double blind review process according to Peer Review Process.

For publishing in journal sent:

  • Manuscript (Times New Roman,1.5-spaced, 14 size, margins: left – 2.5 cm, top, bottom – 2.0 cm, right – 1.5 cm, size of an article – 12–18 pages, up to 44 thousand characters). The file name is the author's surname (g., Ivanenko_ Article.doc).
  • Declaration: in the language of the article and in English. The file name is the corresponding author's surname (e.g., Ivanenko_DF.doc).
  • Recommendation Letter (only for masters and postgraduate students). The file name is the corresponding author's surname (g., Ivanenko_R.jpg).

Please, sent your materials via e-mail:,

Manuscript formatting requirements

    1. The structure of article:
      • UDC (Universal Decimal Classification, left), first and last name (right), ORCID, etc.
      • Title of article (in the middle).
      • Abstract in Ukrainian, and English. Editors provide an appropriate translation in Ukrainian for foreign authors themselves.
      • Keywords: up to 6 meaningful words / phrases.
      • Text of article
      • References.
    2. The design of text of Article is the following:
      • Formulating a scientific problem and the relevance of its research, and its connection with important scientific or practical aims; 
      • Analysis of the latest / recent researches and publications (theoretical framework, and methodology, and empirical database); 
      • Formulating of research aim and tasks;
      • Presentation of the main research material with validation of the received results; 
      • Conclusions and outlooks for future researches in this field.
    3. The design of Abstract as an independent source of information that provides a reference summary of the basic content and structure of the article is as follows:
  • author’s first and last name, title of the Article;
  • text of the Abstract (relevance of the research; method (s) or research methodology describe in cases where they differ originality or they are important in framework of this topic; empirical data sources and methods of data analysis indicate in applied articles; results according to the tasks (the main theoretical and applied results, the identified relationships and regularities); conclusions (may include recommendations, estimates, proposals, hypothesis etc.).
  • English abstract (150–200 words, or 1800 signs) is not translate the Ukrainian abstract (800–1200) and Russian abstract (600–800).

References must be in APA style (American Psychological Association).
References should be clearly cited in the body of the text, e.g. (Ivanenko, 2018) or (Ivanenko, 2018, с. 16), or (Ivanenko, 2018; Salnikova, 2014, p. 15); the author’s surname is indicated in the original source language.
At the end of the paper the author(s) should present full References in the alphabetical order as follows:
Books. Ivanenko, A. A. (2018). This is a book title. City: Publishing House.
Article from Journal. Ivanenko, A. A. (2018). Title of article. Title of Journal, Number / Volume / Issue, pages. doi:xx.xxxxxxxxxx.
Proceedings. Ivanenko, A. A. (2018, month). Title of paper. Paper presented at the meeting of Organization Name, Location.
Internet source. Ivanenko, A. A. (2018). Title of work. Retrieved [month day, year] from [source].
Internet source of official organization (without author). Official title. Retrieved [data] from [source].

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