For Reviewers

     The journal of Sociological Studios accepts original papers on a regular basis, which have never been published before or are submitted/under consideration in another means of publication, according to Submissions and uses a double blind review process according to Peer Review Policy.
     Please first familiarize yourself with the article design requirements in the For Authors and the journal's Peer Review Policy.

     1.1. Assignment of reviewer
     The journal of Sociological Studios involves reviewing manuscript with:
      • members of the editorial board;
      • leading specialists in the field.
     The letter with the offer to be a reviewer of the manuscript will be sent to the reviewer from the official e-mail of the journal:,
     If you wish to be a reviewer of manuscripts submitted to the journal Sociological Studios, send a letter to the official e-mail of the journal:, indicating your affiliation, scientific interests, and scientific profiles, etc.
     We do not assign a reviewer if:
      · Reviewer is based the same affiliation with one of the co-authors of the manuscript;
      · Reviewer has a joint project with one of the co-authors of the manuscript;
      · The reviewer is based at the funding body of the paper;
      · The reviewer isn’t experts in their fields.

       1.2. Refusal of the reviewer
    The reviewer must refuse to review the manuscript with an explanation of the reason if:
      · There is at least one of the conditions specified in 1.1. Assignment of reviewer;
      · There is any other conflict of interest.
     A reviewer may decline to review a manuscript for any other personal or professional reason.

     1.3. Reviewer consent  
     The reviewer confirms the absence of conflict of interests and consent to review.
     The reviewer agrees the terms of the review with the Executive Secretary or the Editor-in-Chief, taking into account the conditions for the most prompt publication of manuscript. The agreed review period should not exceed 30 working days.
     The reviewer fills out the established Review Form and sends it to the journal's official addresses:,
     The reviewer revises the returned of the manuscript after revision by the author(s).

     1.4. Privacy
     Assessment of the scientific quality of the article and compliance with the journal's requirements is carried out confidentially on the basis of a double-blind review, when neither the author nor the reviewer has information about each other. Please maintain confidentiality and professional ethics.
    The journal of Sociological Studios forms a list of reviewers, which is anonymous. However, if the reviewers wish to be public and there are a sufficiently large number of such reviewers, the journal of Sociological Studios will publish the list of reviewers on the journal's website in this section.