Families of Migrant Workers: the Social and Living Conditions of Children by their Parents Away


  • S. P. Demchuk Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University


children of migrant workers, the institution of the family, labor migration, social and psychological health, socialization


The number of temporary working migrants recently increased in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe including Ukraine. As a result, apart from the labour force flow-out, quite a serious problem has arisen – the formation of distant families, in which principles of healthy and nuclear family functioning are violated. The abovementioned problem made topical solving of the tasks concerning the analysis of labour migration motives, the influence of labour migration phenomenon on the family institution, teenagers’ socialization mechanism in distant families. In the article the interrelation between the parents’ (working migrants’) absence and deviation in interpersonal relationships, the formation of certain social- psychological problems, and passive social attitude of the working migrants’ children is concluded. A conclusion is made as to the labour migration being one of the reasons to ruin family relationships and to distort socialization mechanism as well as the factor to increase the emigration risk.


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