From Praxeology to the Technologies of Effective Activity


  • L. M. Opeyda Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University



praxeology, activity, effectiveness, efficiency, providing of the efficiency, success


The process of incipience of principles of effective activity from ancient times to the modern technologies of success is being examined. Special attention paid to the praxeology as a science, that’s in the process of active search its own methodological foundations, that happens by analyzing the activity of successful organizations, successful people, and successful societies. That praxeological approach helps to reveal the principles and factors of effectiveness and also helps to implement the effectiveness on different levels: from individual, through organization and all the way to the society in general. The task of the work is to show the collisions and contrarieties of the movement of the theoretical idea and the practical activity of organizations, personalities and societies to success, and on that basis, to discover the principles of the effective activity. According to the results of the nock, the most actively the problem of effective activity was examined by the sciences of organizations and the models discovered by them show us the evolution of the organizations from natural, through bureaucratic forms of organizational design of the artificial organizations, up to new, modern organizational forms – net forms of the organizational design. The work conclusions come to the recommendations, first of all, to mind the impermanent nature of surrounding conditions and to react to changes timely, and also to use human resources, and entire range of human motivations. For that purpose the development of organizations must include the principle of the supporting relationships, making decisions in groups and joint the methods of management; the establishment of high industrial aims.


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