Theoretical Approaches to the Sociological Studies of Consumption Practices

  • Irina Shkonda Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv national pedagogical university
Keywords: consumption, consumption practices, consumer behavior, consumption culture


Modern consumption gone beyond the economic sphere. It’s led to increased attention to the problems of consumption among all social sciences. The consumption character is getting changed alongside its functions, social position, and role in man’s daily life. Its state is also changing, making it the dominating social process, setting it to the basis of the reproduction process, conquering other components like production, exchange, division, manifesting itself in all sociocultural practices. The consumption practices manifested as an everyday life element, discovering the main means of social existing in the scopes of some culture and historical epoch. There are several types of consumption practices, patterns of consumption. The sociological research of consumption practices enables not only to understand the consuming process but also its subjects and their interaction process.


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