Social Features of Football Derby of Africa

  • Yuriy Mosaev Classical private university
Keywords: Football Derby, Africa, classic football Derby, the capital’s football Derby, parallel football Derby


Derby in Africa, especially in countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zambia, and others, have a particularity, which is derived from their socio-cultural characteristics. In the framework of the articles were classified and tipologia football Derby in Africa. As a result of the conducted research we came to the conclusion, that the system is a football Derby in the different countries of Аfriсan continent is similar. Depending on the level of development of football Derby in Africa is dominated by the classical or parallel football Derby. Derby in Africa can become more diverse and attractive for fans of football will develop if the football on the continent. Derby in Africa suffer from the economic problems of most African countries. In North Africa the development of Derby interfere with religious traditions.


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