Death in Videogames in the Context of Processes of Remythologization


  • Arsen Hrebenіuk Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University



myth, remythologization, videogame, archaic thinking, mass culture


The article examines the problem of the image of death in videogames in the context of remythologization processes, activization of archaic thinking rudiments. We consider the close relationship of the videogames phenomenon with concepts such as ritual, magic, soul, embodiment. Author analyzes the representation of life and death in an interactive world, their characteristics and the main varieties. This article touches the moral aspect of the image of death in the interactive works, their emotional components. The article contains brief history of basic concepts of life and death in games. It substantiates the important value of video games for the researches of specifics of the modern neomythological outlook. The position of the author is supported by the authoritative works on mythology, primitive thought and the history of videogames. Narration of the base material is accompanied by examples of the most famous or important games.


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