Modern Theoretical Aspects and Practice of Management in Ukrainian Cities


  • Demyd Bulavin Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism



governance, the European Charter, decentralization, government, community legislation


Article significant role is given to local authorities, such as local governments. Theoretical aspects of relations, democratic principles of local self-government set out in the European Charter of Local Self-Government. Charter involves first participatory governance and action on their behalf. Local government distributes and performs the duties among themselves and conveys to government public opinion. In communities in city authority involved, and private enterprise. Local authorities interact with the community through meetings, e-mail addresses, round tables, websites and media. For successful joint interactions occur trainings, education, international and local conferences. The effectiveness of governance depends on legislation and planning development. In city management affect its properties, such as orientation, culture, environment, enterprise development strategy, investment. The model of local government practices.


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