Safety Aspects of the System Information and Technology Project «Smart Сity of Lutsk»


  • Anatolii Fedoniuk Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
  • Yurii Fedoniuk Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University



perspective urban development, social safety, urban planning, information technology


The term a «smart city» is used to describe cities with priority on developing and implementation of new more efficient technologies for the economical use of natural resources, the energy, the disaster prevention, the improving access to quality social services, in particular, in spheres of the health care and education. According to the plan of city-developing in Lutsk will be realized the project of high-speed information network with the system of control for a large amount of city cameras.

Topicality of making a video network in cities which are claimed to be smart is not only about safety on roads, solving traffic and local problems but also for special services and crime-resistance. It is about preventing such dangerous problems for the city’s residents as natural disasters, and fires, and especially topical the terrorist safeties.

This material provides a point of view on video systems in the city like one of the best options to solve much of city problems and how it can be realized on practice. With the implementation of the system of comprehensive video surveillance of public access places, the community of the city is able to further improve its safety capabilities, using the CCTV system as the basis for further analysis of situations and the adoption of fast and effective solutions.


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