The Future as a Philosophical and Futurological Problem




future, futurity, present, past, time, modernity, complicity


The article analyzes the problem of prognostication and modeling of the future. The concepts "future" and "futurity" in comparison with "present" and "past" are concretized. The emphasis is placed on the fact that philosophy with its worldview and prognostic function has always been the methodological basis of the futurological research. A combination of both approaches is needed to solve the problem more effectively. Moreover, the future prognostication requires interdisciplinary research.

The analysis of modern paradigms has shown that it is important to take into account their positive aspects in an attempt to outline the trajectory of the future, at the same time, possible risks should not be neglected. Modern society is developing so rapidly that there is a necessity to take into account a set of economic, environmental, social, political factors. The latter are becoming increasingly global. Consequently, in the development of the effective models of the future it is important to take into account the trends that are studied by modern globalistics.

Only through systematic and comprehensive approaches it will be possible to create a powerful model for the future development of human civilization


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