The Needs of IDPs in Wartime: Experience of the Public Sector of Ukraine on the Example of Shelter Ukraine Initiative




internally displaced persons, community, full-scale military invasion, civil society organizations


The article reveals the problem of providing IDPs in host communities during the full-scale military invasion of russia on the territory of Ukraine. The objective of the research is to identify future challenges and prospects for the development of organizations in the context of the ongoing war in Ukraine, аnd identifying the needs of internally displaced persons in the autumn-winter period as well. Most of the interviewed IDPs are unable to return home due to the hostilities and plan to stay in the host communities for autumn and winter. The leaders of the organizations identified that they are quite clear about their needs for sustainability. These needs are only partially covered by grants and donor funds. The exchange of resources and information allows organizations to respond to challenges more effectively. On the example of civil society organizations that implemented their activities to assist IDPs within the Shelter Ukraine initiative, the needs of displaced persons, communities and organizations that accompany the resettlement of displaced citizens are identified and prioritized. Recommendations for representatives of civil society to optimize the work for the autumn-winter period 2022–23 are provided. The findings are aimed at helping to determine the priorities of civil society organizations to assist war-affected categories of citizens.


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