Social Problems of theUkrainian Family (the Population of Kyiv Region as an Example)




Kyiv region, social problems, Ukrainian family, single-parent family, large family, family relations


The article examines the social problems of Ukrainian family. The situation of Ukrainian family in modern societyis analyzed. According to the survey, the main social problems and needs of the residents of the investigated villages of the Buchan district of the Kyiv region were determined. It was found out exactly which problems bother Ukrainian families, which lead to the collapse of family relations. Modern Ukrainian family is faced with the problem of instability of life plans in the conditions of the war, an economic instability, as a result of which there is a stable orientation of spouses towards a family with less than two children. In particular, there were high lighted 8 most important problems: the war in Ukraine, a low level of salaries or pensions, rising prices, an unemployment, transport connections, a medical care, high utility tariffs. Socio-demographic features of population employment are analyzed. The main factors affecting the quality of life are considered. The well-being assessment in modern conditions is determined. The impact of the state’s social policy on the population is substantiated and directions for improving the quality of life of the Ukrainian family are proposed.


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