The «Religion-Church-Nation» Problem in the Sociological Heritage of Activists of the Ukrainian National Revival


  • L. Y. Kondratyk Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University


religion, church, nation, universal, national, ethnogenesis, natiogenesis, Ukrainian Christianity, faith


Opinions Ukrainian sociologists (O. Bochkovskij, M. Grushevskij V. Lypynskij) to the problem of relations in the religious life of the ethnic community, which professes world religion, trends universalism and nationalism are analyzed in the article. The following conclusions were obtained by us: 1 – according to the concept of O. Bochkovsky, the world (universal) religion gets national content and becomes a factor nation formation through processes of self nation. They contribute as much as possible in «nationalization» of world religions; 2 – according M. Grushevskij, the dialectic of universal and national can be realized in the functioning of a world religion, exemplified by Ukrainian Christianity; 3 – V. Lypynskij believed that any Christian religion is a universal, general human in its content, and therefore no basis for assertions about the national character of some of the Christian churches.


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