Content’s Peculiarity and Empirical Interpretation of the Ukrainian Patriotism (Case of City Lutsk Population)


  • S. A. Salnikova Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
  • I. A. Honchar Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University


patriotism, Ukrainian patriotism, conceptualization of patriotism, state patriotism, civic passivity


Peculiarities of formation and manifestation of Ukrainian patriotism through the prism of social and cultural succession are analyzed. Empirical interpretation of the patriotism made on asample  population of Lutsk (N = 420, the sample is representative by gender, age and education). According to onedimensional analysis obtained the following results: (1) the level of subjective patriotism of city residents is 43 %. Ukrainian patriotism is no explicit states character, it connect with the traditions which observed by conviction rather than as needed (60,2–85,4 %). Preservation of national originality (84,7 %) is directly related with the preservation of native wildlife (86,6 %) (c=0,7, Sig.=0,01). The main integrating factors are common language (44 %), customs and traditions (43%), but the common religion is weaker a unifying factor (28 %); (2) the degree of integration in social life (less than 25 %) indicates a civic passivity of Ukrainian, the cumulative rate of personal responsibility for the fate of the country (40 %) – the stability of paternalistic expectations.


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