Attitudes on Paternalism as a Part of the Political Culture of Ukrainian Society


  • M. O. Kolokolova V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University


paternalistic attitudes, social attitudes, political culture, social trust


Unstable economic and political situation in Ukraine contributes strengthening of paternalistic attitudes. So, we found that the level of paternalism is very high in general in Ukrainian society by using four indicators of empirical data of national and international studies – European Social Survey, European Values Survey, World Values Survey, the Centre by O. Razumkov. We found: citizens expect responsibility from the state to ensure the well-being (57,8 %), work (87 %), the equation of income (88,7 %); support the political system with a strong leader (66,8 %). Paternalistic attitudes, indeed, is a part of the political culture of Ukrainian society, they are largely inherent in all sociodemographic groups. Contemporary comparison shows the influence of age and education on paternalistic attitudes disappears gradually, but financial status and sphere of employment are still most significant factors.


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