The Role of Stereotypes in Shaping Ethnic Identity


  • V. V. Chubarko Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University


stereotype, stereotyping of ethnic stereotypes, stigmatization, ethnic identity


The article analyzes the concept of stereotype, based on cognitive, psychological, historical approaches and theories that emphasize individual personality traits. It shows ethnic stereotypes as a kind of stereotype. The research on Ukrainian ethnic stereotypes, as factors shaping ethnic identity, is based on the attitude of Volyn region Ukrainians to Russians. It is focused on the core functions of ethnic stereotypes modern society as mechanisms regulating interethnic relations, namely, communicative,
cognitive, protective and heuristic. The main empirical focus is on the function of strengthening and protection of positive ethnic identity, which provides education of tribal ethno-cultural values. In particular, according to the Institute of Sociology of National Science Academy of Ukraine, it was found that social distances reduce mostly among representatives of Eastern ethnic groups living at this area.


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