Media Reality as a Modern Socio-Cultural Space


  • O. D. Moskvych Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University


media, media reality, media ecology, socio-cultural space


The reality of the media is explicated as a specific structure of socio-cultural reality with technological determination that has its own ontological characteristics. The defining attributes of the reality of media have been outlined, among which the dynamism of the information stream, visualization and virtualization of socio-cultural phenomena, globalization and fragmentariness of perception, as well as axiological disequilibrium and manipulativity are fundamental. When affected by media, socio-cultural connections and paradigms of post-modern identity perplex, as also social, religious, political and cultural priorities are planned. Challenging issues of media ecology which come up under the influence of aggressive media expansion are reviewed, and some possible remedies are suggested, including legislative intermediation and social self-direction of appropriate limit and quality of visual information, along with the stiffening media literacy of the subjects of perception.


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