The Vocational and Educational Factors of Training Specialists of Water Transport in the Context of Problems in Regional Development and Social Stability of the Pomeranian Region


  • Natalya Glebova Melitopol State Pedagogical University named after Bogdan Khmelnytsky



marine community, the marine social subculture, people of the sea, sea Sociology, Ukrainian seaside region


This paper addresses the problem of developing methodological principles of vocational education in the context of real social interaction and civic Ukrainian community on the principles of cohesion and cultural conformity of the members of the professional groups. There is analyzes modern methods of research and scientific support of the process of formation of professional education for better use of the educational potential in this process; it substantiates the expediency of integrated solution, consolidation, restoration and regulation of productive forms of relations between members of society on the principles of cohesion and cultural conformity of the members of the professional groups, and the implementation practice models of education that allows us to extend the capabilities of a full adaptation of the individual to the rules of market relations and market culture among young people. It substantiates the need for comprehensive consideration of the specific professional training of maritime professions as extremely important means of achieving social balance individual and optimal interaction between the individual and the social environment in the social relations in the established regional socio-cultural space.


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