Gender Features of the Political Sphere on the Local Level of Ukraine


  • Tetiana Ilutsa Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv



gender imbalance, gender discrimination, women in politics, gender gap, gender quotas, patriarchal stereotypes


In the era of globalization, that is obvious, that the role of women has to change too. Women try to get equal rights with men in all the spheres of social life: political, economic, cultural. It leads to gender discriminations, especially in the political sphere. Under this circumstance, sexism in politics is the main reason of the stagnation in the development of the society and its general uneven stratification by sex. That is why, it is very important to analyze and summarize the existing content of the information, which was collected by European and Ukrainian researchers, who was working on this topic before. Moreover, the aim of the paper is not only to generalize the information on this question, but also to specify the next issues: to find the main problems, faced by women in political activities, to underline their motivation of being involved in political activity, and to find the ways to resolve the issue of gender imbalance in the sphere of local politic activity in Ukraine.


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