Electronization of Social Communications in the Modern Ukrainian Society: Network Approaches





social communications, social network, virtualization, technologization, social network analysis


The article highlights the key changes that deal with the system of social communications in modern Ukrainian society. The article notes the global trends popularization of informatization, virtualization and technologization of the communicative space. The article describes the main consequences that we can observe today in connection with the spread and active implementation of information and communication technologies in everyday life: issues of integration, polarization, manipulation, etc. The article presents the N. Kristakis network concept, which proposes to consider modern society and communication processes as a social network that exists and functions using certain laws. His approach may be interesting from the point of view of theorizing of the modern system of social interactions. The American researcher analyzes the forms, conditions, consequences of the social interactions and connections organization, gives examples of the formation and characteristics of modern social networks. The article presents the potential risks and threats that are caused by the rapid pace of technological development and widespread informatization.


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