The Formation of the Personality Ontological Safety Concept


  • A. A. Durmanenko Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University


fear, risks, personal ontological safety, structure, structuration, ndividual


The article deals with the importance of the research devoted to the complex of personality social safety as a complicated structural component providing an individual’s adequate outlook and activities. The emphasis of the research attention is placed on the processes of personality ontological safety functioning, which undergoes dysfunctional «disorders» in modern ambiguous conditions of the social processes dynamic flow. The main task of the article is the sequential analysis of the principal stages of the formation of the personality ontological safety concept starting with psychological conception of fears introduced by R. May and R. Leing up to a complex theory of structuration by A. Giddens in which the «personality ontological safety» concept is a complex responsible for calculation of fears and world constructing basis. Among the conclusions of the article are the following: thesis about inconsistency influence of civilization processes providing more comfortable living conditions and simultaneously leading to existential problems, and proofs of the topicality of the complex research of the main factors of personality ontological safety, its formation, functioning and highlightining.


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