Fiction Movie as a Tool to Spread the Ideology


  • Yu. O. Bondarenko Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University



fiction movie, ideology, ìdeologeme, mass communications, media space


The article deals with the analysis of the role of fiction cinema as a channel of distribution of ideological content in local media space. Based on the works by A. Gramshi, R. Barth, J. B. Thompson the basic strategy of the ideological influence and their connection with the process of the construction of social reality is highlighted. The analysis of films of different genre orientation has enabled to identify the most common verbal and visual means of representation of ìdeologems, in particular: the plot and the characters, as compilers of basic ideas; semiotic (verbal and non-verbal behavior of the characters), the peculiarities of the key characters visualization (color gamma, the specifics of the shooting, the duration of frames, etc), music, etc. The high potential of fiction movie as a tool of waging the information wars, propaganda campaigns and an element of the system of social technologies has been proven.


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