Study of Education: Scientific Visions and Divisions


  • Valentyna Chepak Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv



education, pedagogical approach, philosophical approach, sociological approach, educational management


The article deals with the specific social and humanitarian sciences, whose subject matter is related to education research. This is the pedagogy, philosophy of education and sociology of education. Education from pedagogy view is a field of didactic and pedagogical ethics action. Education is considered primarily as a complex of socialization technologies, including informative and ethical components. From the philosophy of education standpoint education appears primarily as social and cultural activities at the formation of ideology and culture by the means of training and education aimed. Sociology of education is currently considering as a social institution that performs at least three basic functions: socialization, cultural, educational and developmental. In sociology education is analyzed as a sphere, which is part of the existing social relations and affects its development. The relationship of these sciences and their communication allow building a full scientific picture of the development and changes of modern education.


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